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A&B Transmission & Automotive Service
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A&B Transmission & Automotive Services


Since there is no such thing as a regular brake replacement schedule, it’s wise to have your brakes inspected regularly. Brake inspection is most logically done in connection with tire rotation, since the wheels have to be removed to properly inspect brake pads and shoes.

• Limited lifetime warranty on pads/shoes
• Machining of drums & rotors
• Ceramic pads/shoes that reduce noise & dust
• A quieter, vibration free ride

Oil Change / Safety Check
One of the most beneficial things you can do to extend the life of your vehicle is change the motor oil regularly.

• Change oil & refill up to 5 qts.                                                        • Check/fill transmission fluid
• Install new premium oil filter                                                        • Check brake fluid
• Lubricate chassis                                                                                • Check air filter
• Check/fill gear box fluid                                                                   • Inspect wiper blades
• Check/fill wiper fluid                                                                         • Inflate tires to proper pressure
• Check/fill power steering fluid                                                        • Check all lighting
• Check/fill battery fluid

Regular tune-ups can improve gas mileage and performance while extending your vehicle’s lifespan. Ours include:

• Renew & adjust spark plugs
• Inspect or replace ignition cables
• Service or renew air, fuel filter & PCV valve
• Service battery
Does not include: adjust belts

Additional Services
• Fuel injection diagnosis
• Road testing
• Air Conditioning & Heating
• Charging System / Diagnosing & Repair
• Computer Reprograming
• Fuel System Cleaning
• Climate Control Systems
• Towing Available
• Local Shuttle Service

• Compression checks

Ford Powerstroke Diesel Service

• 7.3 and 6.0 super duty’s
• Factory scheduled maintenance
• Full vehicle service
• Certified powerstroke technicians
• IDS factory diagnosis link with Ford Factory